General questions frequently asked about Conrad Strays


Q: Where is your shelter located?

A: We do not have a public shelter.  We are made up of loving foster homes through out the Treasure Valley.

Q: I would like volunteer and help clean and play with the cats.  Where in Middleton are you located?

A: Again, we do not have a public shelter.  Families foster cats in their homes and at this time we don't have any shelter duties for people to help with.  But maybe someday!

Q: How did Conrad Strays get started?

A: When Dave and Teresa Conrad bought their home in Middleton in 1999, the property came with 10 abandoned cats.  Since Teresa worked at an animal hospital, she started taking the cats in to get them spayed and neutered and found each of them homes.  Also, occasionally, animals were given up or abandoned at the animal hospital.  So..... Conrad Strays began.

Q: How long has Conrad Strays been around?

A: Weve been saving cats since 2002. We became a non-profit in 2005.

Q: How can you give up the cats you foster? 

A: We can't keep every cat we foster!  We are able to part with our foster knowing they are getting a good home and knowing we can help another kitty.  It's not easy, but it's rewarding to help.

Q: How come you don't answer your phone?

A: We don't have a paid staff and all of our volunteers have full time jobs and we get many calls each day.

Q: Why can't you take my cat today?

A: It's not that simple, we don't always have room for a cat that quick and in fact, sometimes we have a waiting list for up to several months.

Q: Why do you require a surrender fee donation?

A: Because we can't rescue cats for free.  It takes money to help each cat and we rely completely on public donations to run our rescue, we do not receive city, state or county funding.

Q: Why do you charge an adoption fee?

A: Same as the above answer. 

Q: How much are adoption fees?

A: $50 for adults and kittens and $25 for senior cats.

Q: Where can I drop off donations?

A: See the Donation Information page for more information.

Q: Where can I send a monetary donation?

A: PO Box 84, Middleton, Idaho  83644 or you can donate online through Paypal, see home page.

Q: Where can I come see the cats for adoption?

A: We do all of our adoptions through Petsmart (one in Nampa and one in Boise).  If you are interested in a cat that is not at Petsmart, please email and we will see if that cat is still available.

Q: How do I get my cat into your shelter?

A: Email us for a waiting list form and check for availability

Q: What if the adopted cat doesn't work out?

A: We believe pets are a lifetime commitment, but if for any reason the adoption doesn't not work out even if it's years later, we want the cat back and in fact, it is required per contract that the cat is returned to us.  We will not hold judgments, we just want the cat back safely. 

Q: What kind of things are you needing donated?

A: Money, 13 and 30 gallon trash bags, small paper plates, paper towels, bleach, bedding, towels, toys, dry and can food, cat litter, Frontline for cats, laundry detergent and cat treats. 

Q: How do I apply for a job with CS?

A: No one gets paid at Conrad Strays, therefore we do not have job openings.  Volunteers only!

Q: What does the adoption fee cover?

A: It covers: spay/neuter, at least the 1st set of vaccines, FIV and Leukemia test, 14 day health guarantee and microchip, plus a free bag of food!

Q: Will you take less for a cat that's up for adoption?

A: No.  We depend on the adoption money to cover the expense of bringing a cat into foster and you are getting a cat that has had many expensive services done for it.

Q: How can I sign up to volunteer?

A: Please email for current volunteer needs or see our Facebook page for current volunteer opportunites.

Q: I want to give up my cat, will you take her?

A: You will need to request a surrender/waiting list form by email.

Q: What all is involved with surrendering my cat?

A: You will need to fill out a surrender/waiting list form.  You will need to provide veterinary records if the cat is current on vaccines.  You will need to submit a photo.  You will be required to pay a surrender fee donation to help offset cost for his/her care while in foster.

Q: Why do I have to pay a surrender fee for a stray cat that isn't mine?

A: We asked that you help the rescued cat by doing your part to help us provide for him/her with medical care, vaccinations, spay/neuter, food, litter etc.

Q: Should I just take the cat to a regular shelter since they don't charge a surrender fee? 

A: They do charge a surrender fee!

Q: Once my cat is surrendered, may I talk to the new adoptive family? 

A: No, once the cat is surrendered, it is no longer yours.

Q: What does no-kill mean for CS?

A: No healthy animal will be euthanized unless to end pain and suffering that isn't treatable.

Q: Can I make payments for the adoption fee?

A: No

Q: Why don't you want your adopted cats to go outdoors?

A: Because we want our treasured cats to live LONG, safe lives.  We rescued them for a reason.   Cats allowed outdoors do not live very long and/or are not safe.  Build a safe outdoor enclosure if you want your kitties to explore the great outdoors.  We've seen too many cats die from injuries, get into poison, attacked by other animals, killed by humans, shot, hit by cars and so on.  Please be responsible and protect your cat from harm and provide them with a long, safe life.  They can't protect themselves.

Q: I sent you a long email.  Why haven't you responded?

A: Teresa gets many emails if they are long and not right to the point, it may be a while until she can get back to you.  Short and to the point gets a quick response!


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