Hope Kitty



Hope Kitty and her little patch of cat grass.  "Mine, ALL MINE!"

This adorable baby is Hope.  A family saw a stray feral cat moving her kittens in their back yard.  They noticed one kitten was left behind and waited a couple of hours hoping the mom would come back.  For some reason, mom wasn't able to return, we believe because a neighbor dog scared her away.  They called us and we went to go pick the kitten up.  Her little body was very cold when we got there.  We thought she might not make it.  We quickly warmed her up and got her home to begin feeding her.
The little bottle we fed her with was bigger than she was!  She was so tiny.  We named her Hope.

Hope Kitty began growing and developing her sweet personality.

Hope thinking a Tupperware bowl makes a good bed.  There was a time when she fit!

Hope at one year of age.

Hope now takes care of our other bottle babies and gets them ready for adoption.  She likes to bathe them and wrestle with them.  This is her and our precious Stuart Little who is now in a happy home.


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