We can't believe we lost our Princess Nemia. We loved you SO much Princess!  You are forever in our hearts.   You will always be our special Prin-ess.

"Princess"   2004-2009




Princess spring 2006 showing off her crown necklace!

This beautiful cat was a foster cat of Conrad Strays. Her name is Princess and this is a picture of her a few weeks before a serious illness struck her little body. 
At age 5 months, she became very ill with a rare disease called Thrombocytopenia. Itís an autoimmune disease that caused her to not have any platelets and she began bruising and bleeding all over her body.



Princess, recovering,  with a catheter still in her arm.

Her eyes filled with blood and the pressure caused glaucoma and blindness. We tried steroids and she wasnít responding. We then tried a new steroid (the steroids tell the immune system to work) again no luck. At this point we almost lost her twice. We switched her back on the original steroid as a last hope for her and she was doing so poorly with no energy left. We realized we were loosing her. I brought her in to the veterinary clinic to have her humanely euthanized, but she stretched out her arms and gave a big yawn and Dr. Howlett and I said NO, itís not her time. The steroids were finally working! 
  Pictures showing the blood still behind her eyes. But her body was getting stronger and stronger !

Sheís a fighter. After months of monitoring her blood work and lots of prayers, a few years later she is doing great. She will be on medication the rest of her life. With everything we went through with her and with my nursing skills, we adopted her (Teresa and Dave) knowing we would be the best family to monitor her health and we wonít give up on her if she ever becomes ill again. We expect her to live a long, long life. She has been stable and happy except for the occasional cold because the steroids weaken her immune system. We all hoped she would recover her eyesight but it wasnít meant to be. Her eyes remain large. She doesnít know she is blind. She is so smart and loves life. What a gift she is.


Princess December 2005 helping us prepare for a craft fair!


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