Smokey's Story

My Smokey aka Smokey Pokey. Smokey came to Conrad Strays in 2002. He was about 4 months old and was covered with fleas and anemic.  Before he came to us, he had been exposed to Panleukopenia. Panleukopenia is a very deadly virus similar to dog Parvo. After days of being on I.V. fluids and lots of nursing and prayers, thankfully Smokey survived. I told him if he fights and makes it, he would be a Conrad. 

Sadly his brother Butterscotch didn't make it. His little body couldn't fight the disease.

Smokey is now the love of my life. He is very spoiled and Dave says he owns me!  

Note: Panleukopenia can be avoided if you keep your cats and kittens current on their vaccines (Fvrcp vaccine). It's extremely important to finish the kitten series of the Fvrcp vaccine.   The kitten should be vaccinated with a series of three shots every 4 weeks.  It is a disease that no cat should suffer and die from when there is a vaccine for it! It is spread through feces and it's a virus that lives in the environment for years and years. Hundreds to thousands of kittens and cats die each year in our area. Are your cats vaccinated? By the time the cats usually show signs of illness, it is usually to late to save them. It moves through their body that quick.

This adorable kitten was Butterscotch, Smokey's brother.  He was fine one day, the next day showed signs of illness and was gone the next day.  PLEASE VACCINATE YOUR PETS!  There is no need for them to die of a disease that can be prevented.
This was our makeshift emergency-isolation-hospital area for Smokey :-)  We felt like if we left him at the clinic, he may lose his will and not fight for us.  So we borrowed an I.V. pump and made up a little area for him.  I think God had plans for me to do the rescue by teaching me nursing skills at Orchard Animal Clinic.  The wonderful staff there has always gone above and beyond to help all of our foster kitties.

Dave took Smokey with his I.V. fluids to work with him for 3 days so Smokey would be monitored and keep his will to live.


We awoke one morning to find Smokey playing behind his litter box that he flipped. 

That was our first sign that he was going to make it!

Smokey playing behind the fort he made.

Smokey wondering how long he has to stay in jail.

During his illness, every time we would open up his kennel to clean or give him meds, he would hop into our laps and purr.  He never tried to jump down to go explore almost like he knew he was still contagious.

Smokey after he moved in to our home.  Taking a cat nap.

Playing on his cat tree.

Being bad getting on top of the computer monitor.  He's not guilty or anything!

Smokey Pokey kneading his pink hammock bed :-)


Smokey at age 6 playing with his feather toy!

He's cross-eyed sometimes!

He makes my heart smile!  


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